More Microsoft vs Opensource Stack Issues

Working on a personal project here and I was spending so much time just looking up dependencies and trying to cordnate how to properly set them so other people can spend less time looking for them repeatedly and just press a few buttons or run a few lines of batch to get up and running in their development area of choice except; Microsoft hates technology developed by open communities.

Unfortunately I am not a Linux fan and I actually was traumatized by Macs as a child so I’ve been a ‘power’ Windows user for all of my short life. I’ve dabbled in Ubuntu but while the idea of an open respesitory for all the software I could ever want was amazing the implication and act of doing simplistic things was a massive chore that made the operating system unusable for me. So here I am in Visual Studio, a bloated yet effective machine of code generations that stands practically unparalleled on the Windows operating system wondering why my project that I just spent so much time setting up just to build is giving me (of all bloody impossible things) syntax errors.

Syntax errors are the compilers way of saying ‘you just wrote wrong code, go study an idiots guide’. They are very basic. I thought I was losing my mind because I was sure I just watched this same code compile a few days ago and it hasnt been edited. I go look at the code and its marked up with equals less than signs and other text, Git markings.

Lovely git in your branch allowance has fucked my code up, but it stands for me to think how the bloody hell did this happen? I saw some articles about programmers not in love with their craft or rather companies ran by such programmers/non-programmers  not using version software and using what ever the bloody hell the ever worshiped and intelligent Microsoft gave them.  So many things wrong with that sentence and not counting the sarcasm.

So the compiler wont compile any code that uses is ‘branched’ via Git, lovely fucking do, yet again, fuck you to Microsoft.

Discomfort still Validated, Moving from WAMP to Full Microsoft

Its just business standard. With the pure microsoft solution for development you get raw power for your developers. I’ve seen it with my new job. But Im just a feral wild open source developer in a new ecosystem. Im here because Im needed and I really feel the love here from the whole company;, but not the software. I’ll just go over the stack.

I have loved and used Windows from version 3.0 to version 6.1 (Windows 7),  I dont have any qualms with the system to be honest. I love Windows 7 and it has been good to me. Windows 7 drivers not so much, but that’s another post. So Going from Windows to Windows here. My ports of Linux essentials still work and all here.

Apache/nginx, to ISS is a nightmare. ISS requires so much and it just seems fickle to me, and to top things off it seems to have a frienemy relationship with none Microsoft server side programming languages. I love the idea of using the native OS to be the server, it just seems logical to me but going threw ISS’s error messages is a headache for me. It does not really work correctly out of the box.

MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server. This is my first time seeing logic programmed into a database direct, I like the idea. The application to manage the database uses almost completely different naming conventions and I am getting massively lost in doing things. phpMyAdmin’s “search” functions for my SQL-know-how-less self is painfully missed. This will take time to get used to but at this point I just see raw power vs speed and simplicity.

PHP to asp.NET MVC , I dont much like C# for reasons I can not articulate but I dont like asp.NET because it robs the developer of control of HTML, and the MVC version fairs better but it still abstracts away proper HTML and JS practice from the developer. The shoot yourself in the foot, from the future meme appears here.

VS is still here, but now I have to use it, which as a JS developer I find to be a nightmare. Everyone has their own view of JS, and Microsoft has its own doctrine for the client that leaves a taste in my mouth similar to that of a purple dinosaur.


Nginx FastCGI-PHP MariaDB and WordPress

A quick overview. WordPress is an extremely powerful blog software that has mutated and expanded into a fully fledged content management system that scales fairly well from basic blogger to something short of a open version of MySpace. Being open it uses what is basically ‘just laying around the internet’ but a recently created a website that got to big for its britchs and needed a better system to serve pages.

Nginx (Engine X) is an alternative to Apache and has its own merits worth researching I wont go into depth about here but coming from a LAMP stack to the WPN-XM stack took me 3 weeks of headache and here is what I learned.

Start by downloading and installing WPN-XM. The manager is useless and bugged use the batch files. The batch file that starts the stack needs to be edited so the sites will not run out of PHP, ie you only get 500 PHP request then it dies if you do not edit the file providing environment settings. Add the following to the PHP start up command in the startwpnxm.bat file, or whatever its called.


APC makes everything unstable, dont use it unless you really know what you are doing. Memcache is more stable but still difficult to configure dont use it just slows everything down and uses more memory than can be spared for integrated projects like mine that use Nodejs and other executable.

Configuring the files correctly takes alot of study but for Nginx gets it correct follow what they say upto a point. I say this after studying the config files independently and coming to the same conclusions. Also the config/conf files have to be exact can not use wild card settings and expect things to load correctly. The configuration they give you is dated as far as file locations go so figure out where the cache is actually installed and use that, else you will be hitting the PHP each time. I’d like to use micro caching but currently to difficult for me to config nor do I have the time.

Starting Over at Salvation Development

After approximately a 1.25 years of watching servers catch on fire, users explaining things I do not care about and patching the emotional issues of various partners I said fuck it and resigned. I could not deal with the issues of working at DevPro anymore. I wish the place the best but I feel I am not valued or respected for all I have done and sacrificed for it. While I have pushed myself to help the fledgling system grow and develop ultimately my input means little

As I was geared to marketing, an understanding of its users and preventing individual developer emotional complexities from over taking it, not programming I lost sight of things. I’ve lost control of important facets of the system due to my own laziness, life issues and trying to keep the status quo, over the year my authority degraded from leader to mascot monkey. I have let people get hurt while trying to spare the emotions of my business partners. The emotional, communicative, and  leading inability of my fellow business partners led to  cultural difference being exasperated and that was not a battle I was willing to fight in. You can not fight racism, bigotry, and intolerance in a single lifetime and I have far better things to do with my time. I am not saying that this is any one partner’s fault all five of us failed in a regard that gives me the signal to resign.

I leave with a broken sense of loyalty, and a feeling I am hurting friends; but it is not worth the pain anymore.

Solely to push my skills as a developer and businessman I am starting a game development studio called ‘Salvation Development’. It will be wikinomically based with a Github inspired business model for management of code and personnel. The invite is for developers to come and learn then leave later with work experience. It is a company comprised initially out of hard working self motivated interns. Each intern will be required to learn JavaScript and I intend to keep hierarchy within minimal. Once things are rolling I’ll start defining public 1 month sprints and creating other elements of classical extreme programming for the interns to use.

We will be developing three games and statistical software for clients.